What is the primary purpose of certifying a DTS voucher or local voucher?

What is the primary purpose of certifying a DTS voucher or local voucher?

The primary purpose of certifying a DTS voucher or a local voucher is that it has the capability of allowing payments in regards of the expenses that the individual has claimed, that is why it is important for DTS voucher or local voucher to be certified because of its primary purpose that will benefit the individual.

What is the purpose of the DTS other Auths and pre audits?

What is the purpose of the DTS Pre-Audit Trip screen? It allows the traveler to justify questionable expense items.

What does a Certifying Officers Certification tell a disbursing officer?

A Certifying Officer’s certification attests to the legality, propriety, and correctness of a voucher for payment as defined in DoD Directive 7000.14R. Disbursing money according to properly certified vouchers.

Do certifying officers provide information to departmental accountable officials?

They provide information to Departmental Accountable Officials. They are Certifying Officers when approving travel documents that contain payments, and Departmental Accountable Officials at all other times.

How many permission levels are there in DTS?

After all, there are 8 commonly-used permission levels, three different types of access, and multiple special permissions (e.g., Non-DTS Entry Agent) – and you want to get the combination right in the person’s DTS profile.

Who is responsible for convening an investigation when an erroneous payment is discovered?

Question: Who is responsible for convening an investigation when an erroneous payment is discovered? Correct Answer: The CO’s commander or director Question: Which of the following is a TRUE statement about receipts inDTS? Correct Answer: Receipts are mandatory for all expenses of $75 or moreand most lodging expenses.

What is DTS role?

Review the status of a specified travel authorization. Review the status of financial accounting for a specified trip. Review and approve final settlements prior to forwarding to DADS. Digitally sign travel authorizations and vouchers.

Who appoints a Certifying Officer?

The Heads of DoD Components
The Heads of DoD Components, or their designees, appoint and oversee Certifying Officers and Departmental Accountable Officials. The Heads of DoD Components may delegate the appointment authority as appropriate for the needs of the component.

What is a certifying officer responsible for?

Certifying Officers are responsible for verifying that a payment is legal, proper, and correct prior to certifying it.

What is the purpose of having accountable officials and certifying officers?

Ever since Congress created the Treasury Department in 1789, certain Government employees have been held accountable for Federal payments. Specific people, called certifying officers in civilian agencies, have responsibility to verify that payments made by the Federal Government are legal, proper and correct.

When can accountable officers be held Pecuniarily liable?

Departmental accountable officials shall be pecuniarily liable for illegal, improper or incorrect payments that result from information, data or services they negligently provide to a certifying officer, and upon which, the certifying officer directly relies in accordance with the provisions of 10 U.S.C.

How do I know if my DTS is approved?

Call 1-888-332-7366 (DSN 699-0300) the self-service telephone line to find out if your voucher has been paid. The self-service line is for travelers not using the Defense Travel System (DTS).

What is a DTS role?

Which of the following factors can offer relief from pecuniary liability for a certifying officer?

A successful recovery of payment relieves the Certifying Officer of pecuniary liability. The Certifying Officer may request relief of liability for any unrecovered amount for which he or she is liable by submitting a statement explaining how the evidence shows a lack of negligence on his or her part.

Which of the following is NOT a means of clearing a certifying officers pecuniary liability?

Question: Which of the following is NOT a means of clearing a Certifying Officer’s pecuniary liability? Correct Answer: The Certifying Officer shows that the investigation failed to prove negligence.

What does reconciled mean in DTS?

RECONCILED: Indicates that a voucher has been processed against an approved authorization. . RETURNED: Used by various routing officials to send a document back to whomever assigned the stamp “Signed” to the document, for lack of information or other problem.

How do I update my DTS profile?

After logging onto DTS, on the Welcome screen, hover over Traveler Setup and select Update Personal Profile (Figure 1).

How do I use DTS vouchers?

Create a Voucher On the DTS Dashboard, select Create New Document, then Voucher. 2. Select Create Voucher next to an authorization. DTS creates the voucher using the information in the authorization and opens it on the Review Trip Voucher screen.