How much is a GIA certification?

How much is a GIA certification?

A GIA Diamond Grading Report costs $78 for diamonds that are . 15+ carats.

How much does it cost to become GIA certified?

The cost to attend GIA (Gemological Institute of America) ranges from $500 to $21,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $20,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, "I paid for it myself".

How much does it cost to become a graduate gemologist?

Jewelers typically need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent to get started in the industry. Universities and trade schools require it, and it's a plus on an application for an entry-level job at a jewelry store. Pursue an advanced degree in jewelry-making.

What does a gemologist study?

Gemology is a branch of science that deals with the study of gemstones. A gemologist is someone who identifies, grades, and appraises gemstones. He or she can easily recognize a gemstone's variety and can identify and evaluate details that are not noticeable or visible to the human eye.

Where can I get a degree in gemology?

Gemologists analyze, describe, and certify the quality and characteristics of gemstones. After using microscopes, computerized tools, and other grading instruments to examine gemstones or finished pieces of jewelry, they write reports certifying that the items are of a particular quality.

What is a GIA graduate gemologist?

Many diamond experts use the title “GIA GG” or “GIA Graduate Gemologist” after their name. … The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is widely considered the most prestigious professional gemology school in the world. The graduate gemologist (GG) designation is earned along with a diploma from GIA.

What is Diamond course?

This basic diamond course is an intense gemmological programme that offers an ideal introduction to diamonds. The main topics that are covered include: identification of natural diamonds, imitations, synthetics and treatments. Participants will also learn how to grade diamonds in the practical sessions.

What is Diamond Trading?

The diamond trade is a fast growing market stimulated by demand from China and the USA. Rough diamonds are shipped to various countries. 84% of all rough diamonds from around the world are traded through Antwerp, the heart of the global diamond industry.

Which gemstone is good for business?

Since Emerald is related to planet Mercury, it is known to be good for business, communication, education, intelligence power. Hence, Emerald is taken to be a Powerful stone for the career.

What is the study of diamonds called?

Simply put, gemology is a science that includes intense academic study of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and precious metals.