Is it hard to become a lobbyist?

Is it hard to become a lobbyist?

Becoming a lobbyist requires no certification, which makes it an easy field to enter with varied lobbyist educational background possibilities. Because of that ease, however, new lobbyists must be able to prove their worth to a potential client, and that may be difficult.

Can anyone be a lobbyist?

Although a person can become a lobbyist with a bachelor's degree in any field, having a bachelor's degree in political science, public relations, economics, law, journalism or communications is the best start. For example, lobbyists with a law degree have a good understanding of legislation and drafts.

How much money does a lobbyist make?

According to, lobbyists average $75,000 a year while puts a lobbyist's average salary at $46,000. Several factors can affect how much a lobbyist earns, including the city in which a lobbyist works, the industry a lobbyist represents and a lobbyist's overall experience.