What qualifications do you need to be a Colour technician?

What qualifications do you need to be a Colour technician?

Suitable degree and higher national diploma (HND) subjects for entry into the profession include: clothing and textile technology, colour science, materials and polymer sciences, chemical engineering, physics/applied physics, chemistry, applied/analytical chemistry and manufacturing/production engineering.

What is a texture specialist?

Texture Service Specialist. If you enjoy creating an entirely new look for your clients, consider becoming a texture service specialist. All hair has a natural look, or movement or wave pattern, but many clients choose to change these aspects of their hair.

What does a Colour technologist do?

Colour technologist: job description. Colour technologists are responsible for developing and producing dyes and pigments. Employers of colour technologists seek adaptable, creative candidates with good organisational skills. A colour technologist's responsibilities will vary depending on the industry that they work in …

How do you become a colorist film?

The most important education for becoming a Colorist is to get practical experience, although many people attend film school and specialize in post-production. Learning cinematography and practicing with the software can be a good foundation.

What does a receptionist do at a hair salon?

Warmly greeting clients, walking them to the proper beauty station and alerting assigned beauticians of their arrival. Booking and confirming appointments via phone and email. Processing transactions (cash and credit cards) and issuing receipts.