Are all 1911 9mm mags the same?

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same?

Just picked up a 1911 single stack 9mm and I am looking at buying some more mags. Do I have to stick with the specific brand I have or will say colt or kimber mags fit my Para? No, they’re not. Each magazine has slightly different dimensions, and the followers are all different designs.

What are the best 1911 magazines?

Best 1911 Magazines

  • Colt 1911 Magazine. at GunMag Warehouse.
  • Mec-Gar 9mm 1911 Magazine. at GunMag Warehouse.
  • Brownells 1911 Magazines. at Brownells.
  • Editor’s Pick.
  • Ed Brown 1911 Magazine.
  • Wilson Combat 1911 Magazine.
  • Chip McCormick Custom 1911 .45 ACP Railed Power Magazine, Three Pack.
  • Tripp Research Cobra Gen II 1911 Magazine.

What is the highest capacity magazine for a 1911?

ProMag 1911 . 45 ACP Extended Magazine, 15 Rounds.

Do all 1911 parts interchangeable?

Yes, parts are interchangeable. That said, virtually any aftermarket part may need some fitting on any 1911.

Can you swap 1911 slides?

Especially on a 1911, slides should not be directly swapped with other frames without extensive knowledge of fitting 1911’s. that is not an interchangeable leggo on top of the gun. They are built specifically to each frame with specific fitting.

How many rounds can a 1911 hold?

Capacity: 7+1 rounds (7 in standard-capacity magazine +1 in firing chamber); 8+1 in aftermarket standard-size magazine; 10+1 in extended and high capacity magazines. Guns chambered in .

Who makes Kimber 1911 magazines?

Kimber Mags I know CMC makes the . 45 mags and Mec-Gar makes the . 40 cal mags.

Are MEC-GAR 1911 Magazines any good?

MecGar’s are pretty good overall mags. However, I do recommend using either Wilson Combat or Chip McCormmick mags. Very similar in price but they have been tested by MANY, MANY people and have functioned great. If your paying 25-35 for the MecGar, you’ll be better off with WC and CMC.

What is a Kimber 1911 LW?

The STAINLESS LW is a limited time special offering 1911, with white dot rear sight and red fiber optic front sights,weight reducing aluminum frame, Stainless small parts and striking “cocobolo” laminate grips with checkered gripping area for positive hold round out this unique package.

Where are MEC-GAR magazines made?

Gardone Val Trompia

Does MEC-GAR make sig magazines?

The Italian magazine manufacturer Mec-Gar is the 800lb. So today, you can call SIG and order SIG Sauer branded P226 magazines, or you can order Mec-Gar branded P226 magazines – ultimately both are manufactured by the same company (Mec-Gar).

Is Kimber 1911 worth the money?

Exactly and it’s a real value IMO. The kimber custom II is one of the best values in the market. I personally wouldn’t buy one of the really expensive kimber models because I would rather save a bit more and buy a wilson, etc. However, the base custom models are fantastic and worth every penny.

How many rounds does a Kimber 1911 hold?

Kimber Custom
Height 5.3 inches
Caliber .45 ACP 9×19mm
Action semi-automatic, single action
Feed system 7-, 8- or 10-round magazine

Why is a 1911 so expensive?

They are relatively expensive, because more modern pistol designs have been massively simplified and optimized for production with modern technology, such as plastic molding, the use of stamped sheet metal parts, and MIM (metal injection molding).

Is a Colt 45 the same as a 1911?

Colt 45 is a malt liquor and has nothing to do with firearms or ammunition. The 1911 pistol and its variants and clones are associated with the 45 ACP cartridge (ACP=Automatic Colt Pistol). The 1873 Colt single action Army revolver is associated with the 45 Colt cartridge. I do own one revolver which will shoot both.

Is a 1911 a good first gun?

If you intend to get some instruction with the 1911 then it can be an excellent pistol for you. The 1911 does require instruction and drilling to be effective and safe in the hands of inexperienced shooters. The 1911 system is, in my opinion, the best combat pistol made.

Is the Colt 1911 a good gun?

Modern pistol designs have made the 1911 obsolete in its role as a combat sidearm. It’s finicky and demands constant attention that a warfighter can’t afford to offer. But when it’s tuned and running well, it’s the most accurate pistol out there. Warnings aside, the pistol’s appeal is strong and romantic.