Are jimmies and sprinkles the same thing?

Are jimmies and sprinkles the same thing?

Well, Sprinkles and Jimmies are the same but the only difference is how they are called in different parts of the world. Summary: 1.The only difference that can be said of Jimmies and Sprinkles is with regard to their name. 2.A person in Boston, Philadelphia and some parts of New England call these candies as Jimmies.

What states call sprinkles jimmies?

Jimmies aren't just a Philadelphia thing, however. Pittsburgh and Boston have their own jimmies debates, while New York remains firmly Team Sprinkles.

What are sprinkles called in the South?

We called them jimmies in the Northeast. The crystals were referred to as sprinkles. Sprinkles (From the South, live in New York). Those are colored sprinkles, so as not to be confused with chocolate sprinkles.

What do they call sprinkles in the UK?

Sprinkles have many names in many countries. In England, they are called “hundreds and thousands.” In Holland, they go by hagelslag. By most accounts, sprinkles were invented by French bakers in the 18th Century and called nonpareils. Added to cakes and confections, these treats were “without parallel.”