Is Shiraz and Syrah the same thing?

Is Shiraz and Syrah the same thing?

Syrah and Shiraz are two different names for the same red wine grape (and wines made from that grape). … “Syrah” is what it's called in France's Rhône Valley, where it is the main red wine grape of the Northern Rhône and a blending grape in the Southern Rhône. “Shiraz” is what winemakers in Australia typically call it.

What is the main difference between Australian Shiraz and Syrah from the northern Rhone Valley?

The typical old-world Syrah is lighter and leaner than the intense Shiraz wines of Australia, which tend to be richer intensity, fruit forward and more full-bodied with tannin. The difference between the Canberra Syrah and Hilltops Shiraz exhibits this difference very clearly.

What is Syrah similar to?

5. Malbec. Like Syrah, Malbec is a house favorite for many casual wine drinkers throughout the world. Unsurprisingly, the two grapes are not very far apart from one another in terms of flavor profiles, with strong hints of black cherry that are framed by firm tannins and a lush, full body.

Is Merlot or Shiraz sweeter?

Merlot wines are sweeter in style – but keep in mind that they are fruit-sweet, not sugar-sweet. … Shiraz wines are usually full-bodied, much more intense than the fruity Merlot styles.