Is Tiburon front wheel drive?

Is Tiburon front wheel drive?

The Tiburon began its journey in 1996 as a front-wheel drive coupe with the Elantra's structure and 1.8L 130 HP engine. Earlier models even had a Porsche-designed rear suspension. Front-wheel drive aside, this all seemed decently promising. … Hyundai axed the Tiburon in 2008, after two generations.

When did they stop making Hyundai Tiburon?

Hyundai has announced that the 2008 model year will be the last for the sporty Hyundai Tiburon two-door hatchback. John Krafcik, product development vice president for Hyundai Motor America, says the Tiburon will be produced until the new rear-wheel-drive Genesis coupe goes on sale next spring.

What car replaced the Hyundai Tiburon?

Hyundai discontinued the Tiburon after 2009, replacing it with the rear-drive Genesis Coupe, a serious sports car with styling that finally fulfilled the promise of the long-ago HCD-1. Like the Tiburon, the Genesis Coupe never received the respect it so richly deserved.