What is better erythritol or xylitol?

What is better erythritol or xylitol?

A study in Caries Research found that erythritol might be better for tooth health than xylitol. And compared to xylitol, erythritol can be fully absorbed by our bodies, causing less digestive distress. Plus, erythritol doesn't raise blood sugar at all, while xylitol has a small impact.

Can you substitute xylitol for erythritol?

Erythritol Substitute Options If you want an erythritol substitute, consider one of the blends above. … That being said, if you want to avoid erythritol altogether, xylitol is the closest option. Monk fruit and stevia can be used, but without erythritol as a bulking agent, they are very concentrated.

What are the dangers of erythritol?

It's even safe to consume in high amounts – however, erythritol side effects can show up for some people when they consume this sweetener in excessive amounts. Erythritol side effects can include diarrhea, headache, and stomachache in some people, particularly when consumed in large doses.

Is stevia and erythritol the same thing?

The main difference is that you can consume more erythritol than xylitol; in excess, they'll produce the same gastrointestinal side effects. … Objectively, stevia is better as it's a zero-calorie sweetener compared to xylitol and erythritol, which are both technically low-calorie sweeteners.